La Florentina Scented Candle Agrumi di Boboli Citrus Natural 160g

La Florentina Boboli Citrus Candle 160g

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Describe product:

Looks - Luxurious Scented Candle, displayed in a beautifully designed box with a lemon and orange print artwork.

What does it do - moisturising, cleansing as made from olive oil, natural extracts and Boboli Citrus fragrance.

Awaken your senses with this fresh, clean citrus scent. Transport yourself to the Tuscan countryside and smell the vitality of the lemon and orange trees Creamy, soft lather. Moisturising, long lasting, high quality,

Describe scent:

Elegant, luxurious addition to your bathroom or kitchen sink. Fantastic gift for hosts, or wonderful Christmas present.

Bring Tuscany to your home. Why is Tuscany known for citrus? what feeling of being in Italy does it engender?

- Glass Container

- Handmade in Italy

- 100% Naturally derived ingredients

- Candle size: 160g

- Burning Time 45h

- Box size 7.8X 7.8X 8.8


With olive oil, natural extracts and Boboli Citrus fragrance. Fresh and clean citrus scent.

Available at Myer Stores across Australia