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Our Intense Magnolia Body scent is a luxurious treat for your skin - packed with nourishing olive oil, natural extracts, and a fresh, floral fragrance. Enjoy intense hydration and a natural glow with this powerful lotion.

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Italian Luxury Group 200g Bar Soap La Florentina Magnolia Bar Soap 200g Brand
La Florentina italian bar soap 300g Tuscan soapLa Florentina italian bar soap 300 g
La Florentina 2 round bars Italian soap 115g gift box Tuscan soaps
La Florentina Magnolia Soap 3 Bars 150g Gift Boxed
La Florentina Magnolia Hand Cream 75ml
La Florentina Hand Wash Italian Soap Tuscan region
La Florentina 300g Bar Soap Gift Boxed La Florentina Magnolia Bar Soap 300g Set of 3Pcs Brand