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REVER 410 SOIN Filler Cream with Taut 50ml

Sale price$160.00

Delicate emulsion in a particular liquid crystal structure that makes it highly active and, at the same time, rapidly absorbed. The cream has a particular absorption mechanism called “Multilayer”, which means it acts differently depending on the skin layer in which it permeates: on the surface. 

  • Filler cream with TAUT 50ml
  • Phytocosmetics, Good tolerance, LES free
  • Control on each step of the production process, Stability control, Patch test
  • Certification, Search of treatments (Trajet) efficient and entertaining
  • Main Active: Hyaluronic acid, TAUT, Panthenol, Vitamin E, sesame proteins.

Way of Use:
Apply to the skin of the face and massage gently until completely absorbed.

The precious Rosa Mosqueta oil smoothes and nourishes the epidermis, making it smooth and silky to the touch; in the middle layer, the active ingredients such as sesame proteins, hyaluronic acid and a particular biomimetic peptide called TAUT restructure and hydrate the skin; finally, panthenol and vitamin E, thanks to their high permeability, act deeply revitalizing the entire epithelial system.

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Rever filler cream REVER 410 SOIN filler cream with Taut 50ml Brand
REVER 410 SOIN Filler Cream with Taut 50ml Sale price$160.00